Our Product

The Posture Leader’s product is a smart posture corrector system that is made up of three different components:

  1. Dental Unit Anchor
  2. Wearable Spine Sensor
  3. Mobile Application

The three components of the Posture Leader product work together to provide an accurate posture corrector system with long-term effects in preventing MSDs among dental professionals. In this system, the wearable spine sensor receives signals from the sensors implemented on the dental unit anchor that is located behind the patient’s headrest to determine the precise user’s location. With the help of the triangular tracking system that is formed with embedded sensors in both wearable spine sensor and dental unit anchor, it is possible to determine the precise user’s position and posture. Posture Leader also provides a mobile application that connects to the wearable spine sensor via Bluetooth.
The system detects improper postures using an artificial intelligence model and gesture recognition. Artificial intelligence detects poor posture and updates the database according to the user’s performance and feedback. Then, it notifies the user of their prolonged bad posture through a gentle vibrating on the wearable spine sensor and mobile app. The app suggests a standard and healthy equivalent posture for every specific dental procedure and log the user’s posture throughout the day to provide comprehensive reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Finally, the application provides personalized daily exercises for the neck and back.

1. Dental Unit Anchor

Inertial measurement for indoor localization has cumulative errors in the integral operations, which cannot be met for long-term localization projects. Therefore, we chose an unobtrusive wearable sensing device that supports indoor localization and motion analysis in real time at an affordable cost. The dental unit anchor is located under the patient’s head and uses UWB to locate the dental professional with greater accuracy and reliability.

2. Wearable Spine Sensor

A spine sensor is a wearable device with two high-precision motion sensor chips that record dental professionals’ posture to monitor and analyze their postural habits. Using machine learning and gesture recognition, we have accurately captured posture movements and detected improper postures, specifically in dental professionals. Artificial intelligence powers the detection system and updates the database according to users’ performance and feedback.

3. Mobile Application

The Posture Leader app acts both as the hardware’s user interface and the connection between the sensors and the servers so that their processing power can be used for the machine learning model. Our app starts by signing the user up, taking their physical data such as height, weight, and arm length, and connecting the smartphone to both the Wearable Spine Sensor and the Dental Unit Anchor using Bluetooth. Afterwards, the user can choose the type of operation they want to perform and the tooth they will be working on. Our app uses this operational data to better detect the dentist’s posture.
During the operation, our app runs the machine learning model to analyze and process the user’s posture. It identifies whether the pose is a healthy one or not and gives them a visual description of their posture while also sending data to the Wearable Spine Sensor to vibrate in case of postural problems for an extended period of time. To double on that, the phone itself will also vibrate when detecting awkward postures. As the user confirms that the operation is over, the session stops, and Posture Leader’s app reports a summary of the user’s postural performance. This report is also stored in a database on the user’s phone for further processing and recommendations. Our app again uses the machine learning model to classify the reports based on possible postural issues and at the end of the day, recommends exercises that relate to these issues to strengthen the posture.

How it works:

  • Open the app
  • Sign up/Sign in, using your email address
  • Wear the device and connect it to your phone
  • Calibrate your Dental Unit Anchor
  • Select the tooth that needs operating
  • Select the operation that will be performed
  • The app provides real time monitoring and will notify the user through vibrating if the dentist remains in the incorrect position for more than the standard time.
  • The app analyzes the data captured by sensors and displays a report at the end of the session.
  • The app suggests corrective exercises based on users’ posture.