Our Team

The Posture Leader startup was founded in 2019, but its idea was generated a year before. In the spring of 2018, Habib supervised a research project to develop an intelligent ergonomic solution for alleviating MSD pain among health professionals. That is how he met Behnaz and Shokoofeh for the first time; they were part of the advisory board assigned to bring their medical insights into the project. Unfortunately, the project failed due to limited evidence of effectiveness among the test groups. While the product alleviated neck and back pain, its long-term effects were controversial. In spite of this, the project led to a better understanding of how healthy postures and regular exercise are essential in preventing MSDs.

Treating several patients with musculoskeletal disorders made Habib realize the prevalence of this condition among dental practitioners. As a result, he decided to initiate the development of an improved version of the product they were working on. Based on the experience gained from that failed project, he specifically targeted dental professionals this time. At the time, Habib was simultaneously involved in opening a pain clinic and purchasing the required medical equipment, which gave him new insights and a network of people in the industry that later led to the formation of Posture Leader. After consulting the idea with Behnaz and Shokoofeh, Habib reached out to Hamed, a prestigious medical equipment supplier in Iran with an excellent background in dentistry, to help the team with his business insights. Based on the market demand and competition analysis, Hamed decided to bring a software engineer to the team in order to enhance the product. Having evaluated many candidates, he selected Siavash, a diligent and creative software developer with great enthusiasm for developing products for the healthcare industry. Consequently, Posture Leader was born in 2019 through teamwork and dedication. This startup got incorporated in BC, Canada, as “POSTURE LEADER HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES LTD.” on 6 March 2021.

Siavash Tadayonnia

Product Development, Software
Siavash has worked for over 18 years in software development and programming. As part of the product development team, he supervises a team of developers and data scientists in developing the app and training the AI. In collaboration with Shokoofeh and Behnaz, he understands customer requirements, translates them into the application requirements, and defines user stories. He assures the device's connection is reliable to collect all the required information from the user posture and perform usability tests.

Behnaz Khoshnoodi

Product Development, Dentistry
As a dentist since 2004, Behnaz has witnessed how many of her colleagues suffer from Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). After identifying the problem, she and Habib have done extensive research into adopting healthy postures while treating patients, which constitutes the core of the R&D and scientific effort of the team. They have provided the team with a dataset of correct postures and suitable exercises for reducing tension and pain in the neck and back. Behnaz is part of the product development team and is responsible for testing and quality assurance as well.

Hamed Hozhabr

Business Development
Hamed's deep interest in dentistry made him a successful oral and maxillofacial surgeon, but his entrepreneurial personality encouraged him to start his own business. Hamed quickly mastered the tasks of running a business after starting his dental clinic. Aside from launching promotional activities, he built relationships with patients and suppliers, and managed the financial aspects. His experience and first-hand knowledge allowed him to become the business development manager in our team, responsible for conducting market research, building customer relationships, developing sales and marketing strategies, collaborating in financial management, and contacting associations.

Habibollah Zakeri

Team Lead, Pain Expert
With more than 21 years of experience in patient care and a fellowship in pain management, Habib has an in-depth knowledge of analyzing health concerns and devising treatment plans. He also has been working as a managing director of a health clinic for the past four years which equipped him with leadership skills and financial management. Habib is our team lead and pain expert who will manage the daily operations of the startup, coordinate product and business team, setting OKRs, developing strategies and ensuring the startup will progress according to the roadmap.

Shokoofeh Hosseinizahmatkesh

Product Development, Physiotherapy
Shookoofeh has been treating patients for more than 24 years. Thanks to her excellent communication skills, she can connect with her patients on a deeper level. Having seen several dentists dealing with MSDs during these years, she became interested in physiotherapy to help her patients understand their situation better. She is in touch with an extensive network of physiotherapists and chiropractors to refer her patients to. Shokoofeh worked closely with the team to design preventive and corrective exercises. She also conducted user surveys and improved the product based on feedback received from users and the latest orthopedic research. She is the point of contact with customers and contributes to the product development team.