Frequently Asked Questions

Posture Leader is an AI-powered posture corrector system specially designed to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among dental professionals. Our product consists of a smart wearable device, a dental unit anchor, and a mobile application that accurately detects prolonged poor posture and notifies the dentists to correct their posture based on the dental procedure they are performing.
Posture Leader posture corrector system comprised of a wearable spine sensor, a dental unit anchor, and a mobile application. This system can detect and analyze the posture of dental professionals during operation and provide real-time feedback. The app uses artificial intelligence to provide the users with tailored daily corrective exercises for the neck and back, which help strengthen and repair their postures, as well as suggest healthier functionally equivalent postures according to the dentists' needs.

The mobile app is easy to use and features a real-time display of posture changes. During the operation, our app runs the machine learning model to analyze and process the user’s posture. It identifies whether the pose is a healthy one or not and gives them a visual description of their posture while also sending data to the Wearable Spine Sensor to vibrate in case of postural problems for an extended period of time. To double on that, the phone itself will also vibrate when detecting awkward postures. As the user confirms that the operation is over, the session stops, and Posture Leader’s app reports a summary of the user’s postural performance. This report is also stored in a database on the user’s phone for further processing and recommendations.

Many of the products available on the market can be used by individuals regardless of their profession, and few competitors in the market target a niche market like Posture Leader. The most significant difference between Posture Leader and other devices in the market is that our product senses the neck and back’s inclination. As is known, cervical spondylosis is a widespread disorder among dental professionals due to their bad postural habits during working hours. The other factor is that Posture Leader does not restrict the movements; Instead of restricting, the device raises awareness regarding the posture you are holding and tries to create a habit of correct posture.

When wearing the device and practicing, you will be subtly reminded to realign your posture. Doing so would build up “muscle memory,” which helps you to realign your posture subconsciously. This subconscious posture correction takes time as your body needs to develop the healthy habit of holding the proper body posture. Also, by using the device’s mobile app, you will have access to tailored exercises specifically created to suit your needs based on the most recent improper postures you have held.

As medical specialists, we believe the best solution to this problem is prevention, and the key to prevention is raising awareness. This awareness would lead to the activation of two preventive mechanisms. The first one is preventing the development of bad postural habits, which is done by giving you an alert when holding improper postures, and the second one is suggesting muscle-specific strengthening and corrective exercises.

The lifespan of your product depends on how you care for it. You must follow the care instructions provided. If you are using the product according to the care instructions, the product should last for a long time.

We offer a free-size product that fits every body type. You can adjust the straps to fit your size.

You should wear it while practicing on patients. We recommend using Posture Leader to constantly check your posture and be reminded of your harmful postural habits.

Yes, under the Consumer Rights Act, you have a 1-year warranty. If the product is faulty, we will exchange it as long as you have followed the care instructions.
If you are one of the few unlucky people who have received a faulty product, then get in contact with us as soon as possible.