Frequently Asked Questions

Posture Leader is an easy-to-use wearable posture detecting device specifically designed for dental professionals; it alarms when the user is holding an inappropriate posture and thus increases their awareness. It aims to prevent the development of Musculoskeletal Disorders among dental professionals who are more prone to these problems due to their working conditions. Our product will not only educate the dental professionals about standard postures to hold while practicing but will also suggest specific preventive and corrective exercises to relieve the tension in their muscles. Posture Leader comprises two parts: the wearable device and the smart mobile application. 


Posture Leader is a based-on-science device. We developed its algorithm specifically for dental professionals to prevent the development of their work-related common musculoskeletal disorders. Our device informs them of their harmful postural habits, gives them corrective exercises based on their potentially harmful postures, and suggests healthier functionally equivalent postures.


Posture Leader features a state-of-the-art design that has achieved ease of use and precision in data collection. It utilizes two high-precision accelerometer-inclination sensors to precisely measure the back and neck angles. We trained our system based on real behaviors and postures of dental professionals.

The mobile app is easy to use and features a real-time display of posture changes. When deviating from the correct posture for specific dental practices, a silent vibration, and in-app alarm reminder will go off until a correction is made. It will also log the user’s posture throughout the day and suggest daily corrective exercises for the neck and back based on the user’s recent postures.

The most significant difference between Posture Leader and other devices is that our product senses your neck and back’s inclination. As is known, cervical spondylosis is a widespread disorder among dental professionals due to their bad postural habits during working hours.


Posture Leader does not restrict your movements either; for example, when wearing a brace, corset, or compression shirt, you will get the urge to “collapse” back into your previous inappropriate posture once you take the product off. The idea behind that kind of posture correcting wearable items is to hold you in a fixed position, making it difficult to move. A medical specialist may recommend these products in special cases. Still, they would generally never recommend them if the patient is trying to correct their postural habits to alleviate the pain caused by them. The posture Leader device works differently from braces in that it allows you to retain free movement. Instead of restricting you, the device raises your awareness regarding the posture you are holding. You can see it as a strict teacher constantly telling you when your posture is poor. If you, for instance, are slouching, you will feel the feedback from the device (in the form of a gentle vibration), which will encourage you to realign your posture. When you start realigning your posture, you will activate the muscles yourself. When you continuously activate your muscles, the muscles will also build up memory. After a while, the desired effects can be seen even when you are not wearing the device.

When wearing the device and practicing, you will be subtly reminded to realign your posture. Doing so would build up “muscle memory,” which helps you to realign your posture subconsciously. This subconscious posture correction takes time as your body needs to develop the healthy habit of holding the proper body posture. Also, by using the device’s mobile app, you will have access to tailored exercises specifically created to suit your needs based on the most recent improper postures you have held.

As medical specialists, we believe the best solution to this problem is prevention, and the key to prevention is raising awareness. This awareness would lead to the activation of two preventive mechanisms. The first one is preventing the development of bad postural habits, which is done by giving you an alert when holding improper postures, and the second one is suggesting muscle-specific strengthening and corrective exercises.

The lifespan of your product depends on how you care for it. You must follow the care instructions provided. If you are using the product according to the care instructions, the product should last for a long time.

Our product is free size and will fit every body type.

You should wear it while practicing on patients. We recommend using Posture Leader to constantly check your posture and be reminded of your harmful postural habits.

Yes, under the Consumer Rights Act, you have a 1-year warranty. If the product is faulty, we will exchange it as long as you have followed the care instructions.

If you are one of the few unlucky people who have received a faulty product, then get in contact with us as soon as possible.