Chiropractic Services as a Potential Treatment for MSDs

It is not uncommon for dental hygienists to experience recurring pain in their hands, wrists, neck, shoulders, and back after a hard day’s work. Working in the same position or holding an improper posture for an extended period of time is likely to result in musculoskeletal injury.

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In order to better understand the benefits of chiropractic care in case of MSDs and similar ailments it would help to know the structure of the spine and the reason why one might experience pain from improper postures. The spine is made up of four natural curves that are interdependent. Naturally, when one curve flattens, it affects the other curves. Many people seek chiropractic services to treat musculoskeletal disorders and to relieve pain. When the spine is out of balance (exaggerated or flattened), the bony structures of the vertebrae rest on top of each other, and the curves are supported by muscles, ligaments, and soft tissue.

When performing dental hygiene services and operations, dentists frequently avoid using their stool’s lumbar support in order to get better access to the specific tooth that is being worked on. Such a position would lead to flattening the lower back curve. Ischemia (lack of oxygen to the muscles), lower back pain, tensions (tight muscles), and possible disk herniation can all result from this (central portion of an intervertebral disk bulges out). Chiropractic care is a type of complementary medicine that specializes in the treatment of nerve, muscle, and bone dysfunctions. Chiropractors believe that nerve irritation is the root cause of pain and discomfort.

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Spinal manipulation or spinal adjustment is one of the most commonly used chiropractic methods in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Spinal adjustments are performed by gently and mildly pressing on the spinal area. This procedure is only performed by licensed and experienced chiropractors. The primary goal of this procedure is to realign the normal anatomical structure, curvature, and position of the spine. Using chiropractic care to treat musculoskeletal disorders has been shown to be effective and safe. Several studies were conducted by various researchers to determine the efficacy and safety of using chiropractic treatments to relieve pain. This is one of the reasons why chiropractic care is gaining popularity around the world.

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