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Posture Leader

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Product Introduction

Aiming to find the least invasive and most effective method to alleviate the pain caused by widespread musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among dental professionals, we at Posture Leader have created the optimum solution.

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spine sensor
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Smart Wearable Device


We Help Dental Professionals Correct Their Postures and Work Pain-Free!

Posture Leader is an intelligent wearable posture detection device that incorporates advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Its primary function is to diligently monitor and analyze your posture throughout the day, accurately identifying and cataloging any postures that may have potential long-term negative effects on the neck and back.


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  1. Accurate sensors, with easy setup
  2. Real-time posture analysis detecting the practitioner’s relative position to the patient
  3. Smart alerts in case of continued bad postures
  4. Daily performance reports
  5. Tailored posture corrective exercise plans


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Features :

  1. An AI-powered posture detector
  2. Helps correct posture without restricting movement
  3. Suggests the optimal position for each type of operation
  4. Corrective exercise suggestions based on the improper postures previously detected
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Our Team

Siavash Tadayonnia

Product Development, Software

Behnaz Khoshnoodi

Product Development, Dentistry

Hamed Hozhabr

Business Development

Habibollah Zakeri

Team Lead, Pain Expert

Shokoofeh Hosseinizahmatkesh

Product Development, Physiotherapy